About Us

Sinequanon definition: "An Indispensable Requirement...."

Welcome to the online store of Sinequanon; we have been involved in the surplus electronics business since 1957, some of our customers may remember us as Taurus Electrical of Loughborough, the trading name was changed in the 1990’s to reflect a change in the objectives of the company. Whilst we accept we are not the cheapest company in our sector, the quality of our goods is reflected in that; we try always to offer best quality from major manufacturers but at a sensible price, if you are looking for a 35p BNC plug made in China, sorry but you probably won't find it here.

The beginnings of the company as with many of the old UK electronics stores, were in XWD - Ex war department surplus, and that still prevails now, though interesting surplus at the right price is becoming harder and harder to find due to the drop-off of manufacturing in the UK. The company has always accumulated massive stocks, twice decimated by fires, once in 1980 and again in 2003 we have re-built and re-stocked from scratch.

We have had a shop on Ebay since its beginnings (Sinequanon-UK) with a feedback score of 20,000. Our feeling now is that Ebay is making it very difficult and financially non-viable for companies such as ours to continue to offer the service and range that we want for our customers, so have developed this new website as our way forward for the future.

New stock will be added here most days, a very small percentage of our actual stock is listed at the moment, so if there is something you are looking for that you cannot find please drop us a mail. We will shortly be adding an on-line help system where you can ask us in real time any questions you may have.

We ship worldwide and the shipping rates are at cost, payment is processed securely by Paypal; it is our intention to make your shopping experience here both interesting, easy and safe.